Saturday, December 20, 2008


Played with some marbled patterned paper
added some punched hearts to some
and foam hearts to others

(some, both)

Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas Cards

A few snow dots were just the thing
to cover up my amateur stamping results.
Gift bag for the background.
Stripes make of textured card stock.

Styrofoam snow dots,
angel from a magazine clipping
patterned card stock
textured card stock

Wrapping paper and
gold foil sticker leftovers

Markers and a chipboard sign

Foam for Christmas

Foam snowflakes and chipboard buttons
on squiggly stripes with dots
drawn with markers.

More foam shapes:

Stryofoam dots and foam snowflakes:

Foam Christmas Trees:

Winter Penguins

I found a bucket of foam penguins
and another of snowflakes
and then I punched holes in
styrofoam packing sheets for snow.
Since the troops can't have sparkles
the styrofoam was a sparkle substitute.


Starting to use the stamps.
I'm still partial to my foam shapes, though.
Especially good soldier themes?


For the boys, I tried to make
rugged, brown and beige schemes.
I drew a starfish with coloured pencils
and then added a little texture
to the background of the main part of the card.
Buttons, old cotton strips from a shopping bag.

That's supposed to be a pinecone.

Here, I used a magazine picture:

Both the jeep and the background
are done in coloured pencils.

Another variation, using the same materials.
I especially like doing ones like these
to send for our soldiers to use,

More fun with foam

Since the foam shapes stick out,
I like sending them to people
who don't see really well,
because they can feel them.
Also the bright colours and
contrast are easier for them
to make out the shapes.

Spare Parts

Sometimes, I make "blanks".
Here I just used textured card stock.
I love these crisp and simple designs.
The empty circle is ready for a picture.

Another blank of just card stock,
This reminds me of
a pistachio and chocolate petit four.

This happens to me a lot:
I make a card and it needs something.
(I know this never happens to anyone else.)
So, I get out the coloured pencils
and start to draw
and when it doesn't need something anymore...
I'm finished!
The flowers are just a picture
cut out from a magazine.

Marker squiggles and dots
with chipboard buttons
(left over from a kit.)

I had this piece of tissue paper
and thought the bright check pattern
would make a cute background
for a scalloped round.
Foam dots on the corners
all on textured card stock.

Foam Shapes

These are done with fun foam shapes.
This is how I got started,
I found these in Michaels
and thought they would help make fun cards.
(I didn't know they were just for kids.)
A whole bucket of hundreds of pieces
can be bought on sale for $4.
I use a hole punch to make the dots.
Also, there are foam sheets
which are easy to cut with scissors
or punch with a standard hole punch.
(They don't fit in the craft punches.)
Heart shapes from both foam shapes
and textured card stock.
These hearts are all foam shapes.
I added an old ribbon.

Simple Scallop Punch Designs

These are some of my first cards.
A simple layout using scallop punches.
I didn't have many stamps yet, so I drew all my pictures
with markers on watercolour paper.
Textured cardstock with on pastel cardstock.